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Extraordinary claims of 6,000AD ‘time-traveller’ give glimpse into future

Man claims to have returned from 23rd century in the future.

An individual who identifies themselves as a “time-traveller” from the future has recently shared what they believe our planet will look like in the year 6,000.

The man has even provided an image of a futuristic city to support his extraordinary claims.

This self-described whistleblower, who appeared in a YouTube video with a blurred face, has stated that they were part of a top secret time-travel experiment in the 1990s and claimed to have experienced what life would be like 4,000 years from now in 6,000AD.

He implied that advancements in technology, medicine, and government will make our current civilisation obsolete.

Additionally, the man also revealed an incredibly blurry image of an undisclosed city to support his time-travel theory. He claims that the picture was blurry because that’s precisely what occurs when you speed through time.

“In the time travel process pictures tend to get distorted, as well as many other things,” he explains. 

He continued: “I know a lot of you are going to find my story extremely hard to believe and I don’t blame you and if I was watching somebody claim these same things I myself would most likely not believe them.”, reported The Mirror.

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