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Ushna wishes Indian director Anurag Kashyap a happy 51st birthday | The Express Tribune

Ushna Shah recently took to her Instagram Story to pay a small tribute to Indian filmmaker Anurag Kashyap on the occasion of his 51st birthday. The Story, posted September 10, consisted of a throwback picture in which the two artists are smiling and embracing one another. “Someday I’m going to direct something, blatantly stealing ideas from the genius that is this man, like so many people do. Happy B-Day to AK, the Godfather Anurag Kashyap,” wrote the Habs actor.

This was not the first time that the Kennedy director made an appearance on the Parizaad star’s Instagram profile. Earlier in July of this year, the Bashar Momin protagonist had also posted a picture with the Gangs of Wasseypur director on her profile and expressed her admiration for his talent as a filmmaker. In the post, she also added an interesting piece of information almost as an afterthought. She captioned the post: “A perpendicular genius; maestro of his craft. An institution I learnt so much from. (He’s also the reason I met my husband)”.

Ushna credits Anurag for having brought her and her husband, professional golfer Hamza Amin, together. The pair got engaged in December of 2022 and their at-home engagement ceremony was soon followed by an intimate two-day wedding held in February 2023. The athlete-actor duo make the sweetest couple and it seems as though the Dev.D director deserves all the praise for playing cupid in this scenario and bringing them together.

These two instances of public appreciation make it clear that the Balaa actor and Dobaaraa director share a strong bond and fondness for each other that transcends territorial boundaries. With Bollywood projects currently out of reach for Pakistani actors, it remains to be seen if the political tensions between India and Pakistan will ease enough for Ushna and Anurag to take their friendship forward and collaborate artistically.

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